Project Description

South African Media Center enthusiasts can use this service to import the last eight days of DSTV's electronic program guide information to Media Center.

  • Features
    • Updated Daily
    • 137 Channels
    • Scheduled Importer
    • Additional Movie and Program Information
    • Program Cover Art
    • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8

Note: The information compiled in the guide is dependent on third party providers. I cannot guarantee the accuracy or availability of this service.

Comments (27)

  • Pluggedbean

    Hi Magiel , I have tried remap and a guide app reinstall with no result , the app gives me the guide program list and seems to get the data but fails to inject it to mce ? any ideas ?

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi Pluggedbean,

    The guide service is up and running again. Apologies for the delay.

  • Pluggedbean

    Hi Magiel ,
    Firstly thank you for this service , i have no guide data for 2 weeks ( i have tried remap but still not working ) anyone having this issue?

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi CJ,

    There are some problems with the guide content. I have verified and it seems that some of the data is not available from Multichoice's site. The problem occurred about 2 weeks ago.

    I will try and contact them informing of the problem


  • C.J

    Hi Magiel

    Firstly, Thanks for running this great EPG service.

    I am currently struggling to list all EPG listing, when I import the listings into WMC, I cannot see some of the listing channels : "Crime and Investigation Network" / "CBS Action" / "CBS Drama"
    I Have reset my Media Center Database a couple of times and re-did all of the channels, but when I get to the above mentioned channels, I cannot find their Listings to set them to the appropriate channel.

    Have you come across anything like this before or where could I perhaps start looking for a type of log?



  • Craig

    Hi Magiel,

    I've installed the application and it says that it downloaded the guide successfully, but I don't see any data. Is there a problem with the guide service?

  • Gabre

    Yes same here

    I hope I can et this service to work. Thanks for the effort

  • Chris

    I have installed, uninstalled and installed again. Still get error messages. I would love to have this work. Any suggestions?

  • Norm

    Hi Magiel

    As an almost forgotten iconic movie in the 80's go, "In the end there can be only one!". You are the last hope for us die hard MCE fans. Please don't desert us too?

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi Norm,

    The service is online again. Please let me know if there's any other problems.

  • Norm

    All is well in MCE land again. Thanks Magiel, appreciate it immensely

  • Gabre

    Hey Magiel,

    What am I doing wrong? Why do I not have the option to record a series, but only the option to record a single episode? I don't know if this is EPG related?

    With the previous guide when I went into a listing I had both a RECORD and a RECORD SERIES button under synopsis tab. Now there is only RECORD.


  • Jacques

    Hi Magiel,

    I also do not have the option to record series, what am I doing wrong?


  • Steve

    Hi - I would like to have access to the EPG in xmltv format. Is that possible?
    I used to use the MCEguide - but that is no longer.
    Look forward to you reply.

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi Steve,

    Can you please forward be a previous copy of your XML data? I would like to review the conventions on that file so I can create a similar file.

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi guys, I do have a slight issue with series meta data at the moment. I will attend to this problem this week.

  • Thanks Magiel

  • Gabre

    Hallo Magiel,

    Are you making any progress with the Record Series issue?


  • Hi Magiel, is the EPG service still up? I see the download link isn't working.

  • Pluggedbean

    Hi Magiel
    When the EPG Guide importer runs at step 3 of 5 "downloading TV Guide" i get ( remote server returned error 404 ) seems it cant find the link or your remote server could be down ?
    As always thank you for this service ,I cant live with out my MCE ! :)

  • Magiel Bezuidenhout

    Hi Carlos,

    Good to hear from you. There is a new version available for download. Can you please uninstall the old version and download the version listed on this page. Let me know if you have any further problems.

  • Paul


    having some errors on the new importer. channel logo download crashes, and tonight I have a no data guide. There was an update to 4.2 which I did. It does say sync date of the 22nd but a "processed date" of the 20th, not sure if that is the latest guide.


  • Pluggedbean

    Absolute legend !! Working like a boss !

  • Werner Barnard

    Hi Magiel
    The service seems to be down as my app is crashing and does not want to run.
    I uninstalled and ran latest vesion today but still no luck

    Thanks for a great service but we are desperate.

  • Norm

    Hi Magiel

    Did the update twice to Ver 4.3 but It crashes as soon as I press the register button. Uninstalled, reinstalled ver4.1, skipped the upgrade prompt and its working. Seems like a bug in 4.3?

  • Chris

    Hi Magiel

    Unfortunately no data in the EPG. The last few weeks I have uninstalled, reinstalled and then run the importer and that his given me data but tonight even that hasn't worked. I even downloaded the latest version of V4.3 (modified 27/10/2015) and installed that.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for all your work so far.

  • Cedric

    Hi Magiel

    Great product, but has shown no data for more than a week. Is there an issue or on my side?
    I have removed and re-added listings but no luck.


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