My Services

I provide professional consulting and software development services to small and medium enterprises. The end result will equip business owners to streamline their management processes.

Understanding Business Requirements

To achieve your business objective, a detailed requirement analysis has to be in place. Accurately defining procedures and workflows will assist me to better understand the purpose and result of each project.

Software Development Life-Cycle

I work according to the following phases to complete projects

Understand the purpose of a project. Create a detailed requirement analysis containing current procedures and workflows.

Plan and strategise your project goals, costs, tasks and deadlines. Identify all stakeholders and their roles during the development phase.

I use Agile methodology methods due to the flexibility. This provides me with a scope to cater to any unforseen problems or requirements.

The success of a project is determined by following an implementation plan that is customised to fit your business needs without affecting daily operations.

What I Do

Customer Relationship Management

CRM solution is a customer centric business strategy with the goal of establishment, communication and maintenance between clients and organisations. Improve custom related services and marketing by tracking activities and leads from your data. CRM is more than just software, it's a business tool that adds value to any enterprise.


An efficient financial system is fundamental to support an organisation's growth and productivity. The module can be customised according to an organisation's needs to provide the necessary reporting and administration. Functionalities included, but not limited to (invoicing, recurring invoices and payments).

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic funds transfer or EFT refers to the computer-based system used to perform financial transactions electronically.

The EFT module will enable your organisation to receive electronic payments from you customers / members. The following banks are supported (ABSA, First National Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank's Corporate Payment System).

Web Development

Web applications must be built on a solid foundation. a Site should add meaning and value to its end-users. Your site may be the first interaction a customer has with your business, thus the importance of making the experience meaningful to invoke a good impression.

With today's modern browsers the possibilities are endless. I've got a good understanding of Web Architecture to produce reliable, sustainable web solutions.

Software Support

Software and data availability is crucial to any business. Service and or technical disruptions have a great impact on your business operations. By providing software support, disruptions are resolved at service level, thus increasing the productivity of your employees and or end-users. It is important to me to foster a long-term business relationship with my clients.